Teaching: IPTeC

To be eligible for receiving the Indiana Pharmacy Teaching Certificate, one must complete the requirements found below:

  1. At least two 60-minute lectures either as a didactic lecture or part of a CE program.

  2. Additional experience of at least 15 hours of other teaching activities such as: (all 15 hours cannot be from a single area)

    • 6 hrs precepting or co-precepting students

    • 6 hrs leading topic discussions/journal clubs

    • 3 hrs recitation/lab facilitation

Mentor Midpoint Portfolio Evaluation

Complete Program Requirement Checklist

Summative Evaluations

Provided below is feedback provided to me on three different quarterly evaluations for my Academia learning experience.

Quarter 1

"Erin has done an outstanding job facilitating small group discussion in the Purdue pharmacy practice skills labs. Erin asks the students appropriate questions and follow up/additional probing questions. She clarified topics that were confusing to students during an HEENT lab and also used humor to engage the students, which was well received. In addition to teaching numerous times in lab, Erin delivered a lecture entitled "Diabetes Products and Accessories: Part 2", in which she effectively taught the entire class of second year pharmacy students about diabetes products. Erin did an excellent job presenting the material and using her slides as a supplement versus reading directly off them. Personal stories and experiences that connected with Erin's material were shared, and Erin clearly demonstrated content mastery and confidence when presenting. Items to improve that were discussed with Erin following this lecture included: minimizing use of the filler words "um", "like", and "kind of"; speaking a bit more slowly; pausing before transitioning to a new topic; and engaging the students more through in-class questions or activities."

Quarter 2

"Erin understands the importance of self-evaluation and personal performance improvement. When meeting to review Erin's performance providing a lecture to approximately 150 students and the facilitation of small groups (approximately 8 students) in one of the labs, I first asked Erin how she thought she performed and how she could improve. Erin was able to appropriately self-evaluate and describe suggestions for improvement (e.g. less use of filler words, speaking more slowly when presenting, etc.). I encourage Erin to continually self-evaluate and plan for how to improve performance throughout the remainder of her residency and career."

Quarter 3

"Erin has used presentation and teaching skills nearly every week throughout her residency. She provides robust evaluation and feedback to students during simulated patient encounters and has consistently demonstrated thorough understanding of the topic(s) involved. Erin has incorporated feedback from previous presentations (e.g. omit filler words, slow speech, etc.) and has improved her presentation skills as a result. I encourage Erin to continue to refine these skills with additional practice and feedback."